Backseat Driver

Learn how to drive a stick shift with a real-time, computerized in-car assistant!

This app is intended to instruct new and slightly experienced drivers who drive a manual transmission and guide them through their first experiences with the car. The app receives real-time data from the vehicle utilizing OpenXCs platform which contains a OBDII port. The OBDII port transmits the data to the app via bluetooth for processing. Our app then is able to run through defined states to instruct the user exactly how to drive a stick. If the user prefers more than just visualization on the app, they can turn on text to speech where they can have the instructions read to them. Furthermore, the app is connected to Google Maps and can use a navigational route with the shifting algorithms to allow users to optimize their shifting patterns on their way to work or on a road trip. We look forward to adding new features to the app and the apps have provisions for tons of additional features! Firebase allows us to manage user profiles and Facebook allows us to share our results to the personal network!

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